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Bankruptcy and financial reorganization attorneys

The attorneys at Zalkin Revell have successfully represented surgeons, architects, engineers, veterinarians, dentists, former bank presidents, high-rise condominium developers, real estate professionals, lawyers and other professionals.  We understand the unique pressures that the professional faces on a daily basis.  The inordinate hours, the continuous demand for functioning at super-human skill level with no room for mistake and then there is the operational management of your practice.  

In the midst of working the equivalent of two full time jobs, you must invest for retirement.  Often professionals take advice from others whom they trust, placing their financial futures in the hands of "others."  Sometimes the "others" prove trustworthy and the investments are sound, but all too often, they are not.  We have represented professionals in their seventies who were faced with forced retirement and because of the acts of "others" -- faced with multi-million dollar claims and total financial ruin.

In one instance, while navigating a development through bankruptcy, Zalkin Revell represented a surgeon in filing adversary proceedings and other claims for the recovery of millions of dollars of misappropriated assets.  Our client obtained a $4.9 million judgment against the untrustworthy partner, recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars in other assets and recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars from the errors and omissions carrier of a major regional law firm who had participated in the "activity."

Fighter pilots are taught to trust the aircraft's gauges because trusting one's perception in a time of emotional turmoil can be deadly.  Whatever your financial situation, stay focused on your professional calling, and retain competent experienced counsel to assist you.

An experienced bankruptcy attorney with Zalkin Revell will be pleased to sit down with you, in strict confidence, assess your situation, and advise you on a path to financial freedom.  We navigate you through every step of the process.

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