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Bankruptcy and financial reorganization attorneys

Bankruptcy litigation is a lawsuit filed as an adversary proceeding in a U.S. Bankruptcy Court.  Sometimes this litigation is brought to recover funds, recover seized assets, eliminate unsecured mortgages and other property liens or encumbrances or for various other claims.

Often Zalkin Revell brings such litigation on behalf of its clients against the United States Internal Revenue Service in order to effectuate a discharge of certain tax debt.  The United States bankruptcy court is a Federal Court with lawful jurisdiction over the Internal Revenue Service. The Bankruptcy Court's orders are binding on the United States government and its agencies.

Sometimes a particularly vexatious creditor may seek to deny a discharge or deny dischargeability of a particular debt.  Zalkin Revell has successfully defended its clients in a host of such claims.

At Zalkin Revell, we do not look for a fight, but when the fight is forced upon our client, we stand prepared to litigate.  If a creditor or trustee appeals a Bankruptcy Court ruling, we stand with our clients through the appeals process. For information on the appellate practice, see Bankruptcy Appeals

Bankruptcy Litigation