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Ken and Tasha Revell are themselves engaged in a small livestock operation and understand the difficulties faced by the family farmer.  Their children, like yours, learn the value of hard farm work and while the work is hard, it is honest and dignified.  We know why you continue this noble pursuit generation after generation, you do it for them.

An attorney with Zalkin Revell will be pleased to meet with you regarding the feasibility of a Chapter 12 bankruptcy for any family farm located in any county in Southwest Georgia or Northwest Florida.

The honest labor of farming is the best character building tool that America has for its youth.

-- Ken Revell

No family farmer should surrender the land of his forebearers without a Chapter 12 fight to the end.

Chapter 12 the Family Farm

The United States Bankruptcy Code specifically provides for Chapter 12 bankruptcy protection for the family farmer.  Chapter 12 is designed to provide the farmer with "breathing room" from legal action, asset seizure or foreclosure.   It affords the family farmer an opportunity to evaluate all indebtedness, operational expenses and anticipated future revenue.  The family farmer is then afforded an opportunity to work with his attorney to propose a plan for reorganizing the debt, including possible reductions in interest rates and modification of other terms.  Equipment leases may also be restructured.

Our goal is not merely to alleviate an immediate debt crisis, but to assist you in creating an workable, practical plan that will enable you to conduct future operations on a profitable basis.  Without such a plan, a family farmer may find himself facing a recurring financial difficulty.  The attorneys at Zalkin Revell will work closely with you to achieve this goal.

Common benefits to Chapter 12 Family Farmers Are:

  • Automatic stay of all lawsuits, foreclosures, garnishments, levies, repossessions or other creditor collection actions.
  • "breathing room" by deferring certain payment obligations pending your proposal of a plan of reorganization.
  • Continued operation of the farming operation by its current owners with Trustee review.
  • Adjustment of interest rates and other terms on secured obligations.
  • The ability to timely sell perishable crops or livestock when market ready.
  • Restructure and extend unsecured tax obligations.

At Zalkin Revell,  we believe that the family farmer is the backbone of America and in these times, America needs backbone.

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