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Bankruptcy and financial reorganization attorneys

At Zalkin Revell, we understand that the bankruptcy process can be confusing -- even to other lawyers, who do not have an expertise in bankruptcy law.  This is precisely why we have represented other lawyers going through their own difficult financial times.  Since 2005, the process has become more challenging, but our bankruptcy attorneys are experienced at walking our clients carefully through this process -- and we do so with respect and understanding. The U.S. Bankruptcy Laws are designed to shield you from the assault of unrelenting creditors and we use that shield to protect you through the process. 

Zalkin Revell navigates you through the bankruptcy process.

Tailored bankruptcy is Thoughtful and Individual

Tailored bankruptcy is Careful Planning

Tailored bankruptcy is Navigational

The Federal Bankruptcy Attorneys at Zalkin Revell have the utmost respect for the lawyers, including State Court practitioners who have expertise in their respective areas of the law.  Bankruptcy law is likewise highly specialized, with numerous short, time-barred deadlines which if not met, even by a single day, will preclude a claim or recovery.  The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit has held in clearly controlling case law, that even the U.S. Internal Revenue Service is strictly bound by these bar dates and deadlines.  Zalkin Revell has successfully argued on behalf of its clients for the dismissal of claims on this basis against the largest banks in America. 

Zalkin Revell's approach to the planning phase of bankruptcy involves participation of the client at every turn.  The client must see the light at the end of what has sometimes been a long dark tunnel of financial dispair.  We help our clients get a new vision of the future, beyond the weight of crippling debt.

Tailored Bankruptcy involves careful planning based upon the unique circumstances of your case.  This planning involves timing, strategic legal positioning and experience.  At Zalkin Revell, we take the planning phase of bankruptcy seriously.  In substantial asset cases, this planning may include video conferencing with bankruptcy attorneys in both the Florida and Georgia offices.  The mistaken timing of a bankruptcy petition by a single day can be the difference between being forever free from a huge IRS tax debt or being strapped with it forever.  

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

--Jeremiah 29:11

Designed to Fit You

Tailored Bankruptcy

The Bankruptcy Lawyers at Zalkin Revell understand that the circumstances which you face are unique.  The causes of your financial distress are individual to you.

We hear the difficulties that you face, whether brought about by a medical emergency, loss of property values, lawsuits, levies, loss of a job, collapse of a business venture, a drought, a flood or the BP Oil Spill.  We hear expressions of guilt, regret, fear and worst of all, hopelessness for the future.  A statement which we frequently hear from our clients is "I never thought I would ever face this."

We are here to give you hope.